How Men Cope

Taking on a macho “I can handle it” attitude

Even if you have been hurt much worse on an athletic playing field, that is not the same thing as being physically attacked by your intimate partner, which hurts emotionally as well as physically. Allowing this pattern to continue can result in depression, substance abuse, loss of confidence, even suicide. (At its worst, It has resulted in death at the hands or a partner or someone induced to kill you by the partner.)

Hiding and Avoiding

Men often escape a bad home life that they are afraid of by spending extra time at work, staying in “their” space (garage, den) at home, or even sleeping in the car or at a friends place.

Self Blame

Men often will blame themselves for their partner’s abuse feeling that they drove them to the abuse but their “bad behavior”.


Men will often blame the abuse on mental illness, hormones, and stress.

 Drugs and Alcohol

Substance abuse is a common way that abused men will numb themselves.

There is another choice!

The Tools To Build Your Escape Plan Are Right Here!